PIVERT: a Parallel Implementation of VEctor Radiative Transfer

This webpage allows the computation of polarized subsurface scattering BRDF using an C++/OpenCL VRTE solver.

You can choose the volume parameters and launch the computation below.

This tool is still young, do not hesitate to contact us if you find any bug or if you have any question.

Simulation configuration:

Wavelength (nm):
Number of half-space streams:
Number of μ angles:
Number of φ angles:
BRDF computation
Radiance field computation:
Incident μ:
I incident (I, Q, U, V):
Output depth:

Layer information:

Volume thickness:
Particle type:
Fixed particle radius:
Power law particle radius (temorary disabled):

  • This work was supported by the NSF grant IIS-1064427
  • Developer: Charly Collin
  • The source code for this program is not yet available, but will be once this work is published.
  • The refractive indices were taken from the Sopra and the Filmetrics optical database.